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  • Dr. Shanu Agarwal MBBS, DGO BM Mother & Child care Hospital, Agra

    The Manyata program is of immense help to the hospital. The dedicated field staff made our hospital trained in various discipline of patient management. Our hospital staff now know the meaning of sterilization (use of bleach, autoclaving and proper maintenance of autoclaving records). Approach to the basic patient care has changed drastically by recording of initial assessment, partograph monitoring, acknowledgement of danger signals, improved post-partum care, immediate newborn resuscitation, early initiation of breast feeding, recording of vitals at the time of discharge etc. Also as a doctor, we have started making records. This makes us safe in case of legal issues and definitely a better patient care as oral commands are sometimes forgetten and ignored. Thanks JHPIEGO for making us more responsible and sensible in giving quality of care to our patients.

  • Dr. Anjana Arora MBBS, DGO Arora Nursing Home 65, Defence Estate, Phase I, Agra

    I came across this Manyata quality improvement program during a meeting of FOGSI - JHPIEGO initiative. It is a wonderfull experience to work with this program. They trained staff to cope with global standard for infection prevention, preparing bleaching solution, hand washing techniques, care of new-born and patient counselling. We are very much thankful to Jhpiego team for the handholding training and support for quality improvement in my hospital. In addition, I am very surprised that my every nursing staff started filling partograph, identifies and manages most of the delivery related complications. This is an excellent step by FOGSI and JHPIEGO to take our clinical practice to a standard care.

  • Dr. Kahkashan Khan MBBS, MD Consultant (OBS & GYN) Public Welfare Hospital, Agra

    Manyata program is a great initiative by Jhpiego. It is a wonderfull program to improve the quality of hospital in patient care as well as knowledge, practice and skills of the staff. Effective training and onsite mentoring to nursing staff has helped to improve the staff efficiency and knowledge drastically. They become more efficient and confident in doing patient care, counselling and health education. I would like to share one compliment given by one of the client. She appreciated our work and the way we take care of them. It is only because of Manyata standards and trainings from Jhpiego team. Their compliment made me believe that my practices can reach desired quality of care.

  • Dr. Kamini Khurana M.S., (OBST. & GYNAEC.) NARCHI & FICMCH Ram Tej Hospital Vibhav Nagar Road (Near Amar Hotel) Agra

    JHPIEGO has definitely built a good bridge between FOGSI & us (through manyata). Manyata program is an excellent initiative by JHPIEGO. Starting from the admission of patient to her discharge from the hospital, various aspects of maternal and child health have been addressed by JHPIEGO team to our hospital staff with full dedication. JHPIEGO people have lend their full support to teach staff regarding examination mother, care and resuscitation of newborn, warning signals, sterilization, documentation maintenance of record, which overall improved the efficacy of healthcare system of our hospital and our staff has become competent and confident.

  • Dr. Mamta Agnihotri MBBS, MS Raj Hospital and Infertility Center HIG Barra, Vishwa Bank, By pass Road Kanpur, UP 208027

    I’m very thankful to FOGSI & Jhpiego to enroll my center under this FOGSI leadership driven program “Manyata” to improve quality of care in my center. With the help of Jhpeigo, the paramedical efficiency has reached great heights. Initially the staff training was done by us only on day to day basis with regards to the patient in house, now with this program we have got a well-designed module for training and their evaluation also. Few topics where the staff knowledge and capacity has improved are, breast feeding and its technique, Kangaroo mother care, infection prevention and drill-PPH & Eclampsia have improved the care  of my patient and staff responce. Thanks to FOGSI for this Manyata initiative for building a good skilled team.

  • Dr. Sana Iqbal MBBS DGO Medison Hospital and Blood Bank, Tedhi Puliya, Lucknow, UP

    After enrolling my hospital under Manyata initiative the staff efficiency has improved a lot. Now they are oriented about the concept of quality of care in labor room. Certain essential activities like filling of partograph, AMTSL they have started doing. Initially they were doing it but now they know why they are doing it and why it is important to do certain activities on time. Their confidence has been increased. Now they communicate well with the pregnant ladies and their relatives. They know about respectful maternity care, benefits of companion, which initially wasn’t present in my staff. Thanks to the FOGSI and Jhpiego for hand holding support.

  • Dr. Smita Tandon Jamuna Sewa Sadan & Research Center S-15/47, Panchkoshi Road, Behind Shivpur Thana, Shivpur,Varanasi - 221003 Mobile no. 9415204376

    Manyata Program is a great and tremendous initiative by Jhpiego, My experience with this program is it helped me tremendously in improving the quality of care in mothers and babies, the program has been of tremendous value to my institution in its efforts to instill the concepts of evidence-based clinical practices in all aspects. Especially our staff were well trained and oriented and are very much confident in handling the complications during delivery like PPH, Eclampsia and NBR. Now my each of my labor room staff is well aware and fill the partograph confidently. I am very thankful to Jhpiego for helping my facility in improving the quality of care.

  • Dr. Kiran Kaushal Kaushal Clinic, Giridih

    The Manyata initiative has been of great help to my nurses. The implementation of the Safe Childbirth Checklist and frequent visits by the mentors has enabled my staff to perform as per the recommended protocol. The nurses are now able to identify complications and act in a chronological order. They are confident about their practices. Personally, I am thankful to be part of the Manyata initiative.

  • Dr. Sarwamangala Prasad Sarwamangal Hospital, Dhanbad

    Thanks to FOGSI and Jhpiego team, my nurses are trained to identify and handle complications and save lives.

  • Dr. Priti Kumar Secretary And Coordinator Secretary Lucknow Obstetrics and Gynecological Society and NORTH ZONE Coordinator Adolescent Health Committee FOGSI 2016, Uttar Pradesh, India Lucknow, India

    It’s a good learning resource package which has job aids and various checklist for self-learning and capacity building and knowledge update of staff which eventually increases their confidence and enhances their skills. This maternal quality toolkit is an evidence-based practice that focuses on minimum essential process to be performed while delivering care to the mother during antepartum, intrapartum and immediate postpartum period. The components of this toolkit is easy to understand and can be easily performed in any maternity set up which long for quality care. It is a good initiative from Merck to support and sustain quality in maternity sector. I strongly recommend use of this toolkit for quality improvement in maternity sector in India to improve maternal health outcome.”

  • Dr. Meera Lakhatia D.G.O., D.N.B. Joint Secretary AOGS, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

    The tools provided in this toolkit have been tested by us in the various facilities, leading from various small to little larger ones, and they all have been very successful in improving the facilities in all the standards which we thought off. We have noticed a lot of increase and interest in the staff in improving themselves in clinical standards. All in all during the working off experimenting and refining this tool, we noticed that the facility themselves were improving and the care of the patient was being standardized. So all in all the effect was very happy one for both for providers and the recipients. The website made for this tool is very useful user friendly also. Its easily accessible for the provider as it can be seen on mobile that is very good for the providers to assess themselves frequently. In the long run it need to be translated in the languages so that everyone can avail it and also need to update it frequently since it will be floated allover India. So all in all the website is very good and useful one to begin with and needs to be reviewed later on as it is.

  • Hellen Paul Senior Administrator Navjivan Hospital, Satbarwa, Palamau, Jharkhand, India

    We have used the customized dashboard indicators from PMCQT to monitor quality of services; this has helped us improve our services in our mission hospital in a remote tribal area of Jharkhand.

  • Dr. Nivedita Dutta

    At last we have a wonderful, easy to use toolkit launched at Copenhagen Women Deliver Conference. This has helped providers improve quality of care in labor room across many small hospitals and nursing homes of Bokaro district of Jharkhand.

  • Dr Shivani Jha

    My nurses have immensely benefitted in knowing and practicing evidence based practices related to childbirth using this toolkit. This has brought down my work stress and improved our performance.

  • Dr. Aparna Shrotri

    I got to know about this Private Maternity Care –Quality  tool kit ( PMC-QT) during my participation in the Jhpiego-FOGSI led initiative. I must say, this has been designed appropriately for the small to medium sized maternity care centers  in the private sector. From the position of independent maternal health consultant, I found these quality care standards comprehensive, adoptable, auditable and flexible resource to align practices of the  health care providers at the  small to large sized facilities to accepted global standards. The dedicated web platform gives opportunity to share it efficiently and effectively with other colleagues fulfilling the ultimate aim of standardization of clinical care practices.

  • Dr. Sucheta Kinjawadekar President And Director President, Navi Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecological Society & Director, Kamlesh Mother and Child Hospital, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharshtra, India

    I came across this tool kit during a meeting of FOGSI-Jhpiego led Initiative. It is a wonderful kit to take your clinical practice to global standard of care. Though a small nursing home like mine have many limitations including ignorance about many small but important aspects of quality of care, this tool kit made me believe that my practice can reach desired  quality of care. The best part is; it can be flexed and customized as per local / regional needs.

  • Dr. Archana Mishra Alok Healthcare Home, Varanasi

    My first reaction was skeptical. I did not believe it was possible for a small hospital as ours, to earn such a prestigious certificate. But thankfully I was wrong. FOGSI-Jhipego counseled and made me believe otherwise. 
    And because of the training sessions conducted by them, our staff has grown more confident.
    Documentation is easier. Work has been channelized. 
    There’s even an evaluation process in place that helps us improve continuously. Patients now see us in a different light.

  • Dr. Neelima Yadav Galaxy Hospital, Lucknow

    Considering the benefits of the program, we assumed the process would be really tedious. 
    But surprisingly, all it took was 10 months of honest effort.
    The streamlining of documents got better and everything started becoming systematic. 
    The program proved to be all that we hoped for and more.
    FOGSI and Jhpiego supported us in every way possible. 
    The training sessions were practical and conducted well. Patients trust us more now. 
    Some even feel proud of getting such quality service.